Effects of Rahu Mahadasha and Remedies – shree shree shakti parivaar

Effects of Rahu Mahadasha and Remedies – shree shree shakti parivaar

The Rahu is often known as the shadow of the planet Saturn. It is very important to have favorable Rahu in our life as this planet provides all the comforts of our life such as property, brother & Sisters, prestige, vehicle, and all work associated with the Government. It is said that if your Rahu is favorable in your birth chart you can attract everyone with the skill of solving problems and getting success in each and every field. These people are likely to have many friends and these people always maintain good relations with them. The Rahu is associated with all works related to media.

So far we have discussed favorable effects of the Rahu but how to recognize whether we have favorable Rahu or Unfavorable Rahu in our birth chart? To know this there are some common Symptoms of Unfavorable Rahu mentioned below.

  1. Wastage of your money.
  2. You face false allegations at your workplace which cause instability in the job.
  3. You are scared of your future.
  4. Not getting success in works related to a frequency such as a phone, satellite, coal mines.
  5. If your family or outsiders cheat you often.
  6. Often you face accidents.
  7. If you make wrong decisions and create a problem for yourself.

People facing above mention problems are surely facing ill effect of the Rahu in their birth chart. These people should consult an experienced astrologer or should wear Hessonite in the middle finger of the right hand on any Thursday or in Shukla Paksha.

For good and fast results these people can also adopt Mantra Upchaar of Rahu. This is very effective way to reduce the ill effect of unfavorable Rahu in your birth chart. Mantra Upchaar Samagri is available at www.shreeshreeshaktiparivaar.com which provides you CD of powerful mantras and Mantr Upchaar Samagri to get rid of the above-mentioned problems.