Positioning of Stars And Planets

Positioning of Stars And Planets

Everyone is aware of 7 major planets in the galaxy. Rahu and Ketu are 2 more planets considered as shadow planet of Saturn. Each planet in the galaxy has an immense effect on the life of an individual.  Planetary position at the time of the birth of a child makes him/her a personality according to the placement of planets in his/her birth chart.

At the time of the birth, some planets are at distance from others so that it cause problems in the lives of an individual as they are not able to provide full energy whereas planets closest to the earth provides a favorable effect on the child. There are some more planets which are neither too far nor too close so do they give mixed effects.

Each planet is associated with one Zodiac Such as Aries & Scorpio is associated with Mars, Cancer is associated with Moon, Leo is associated with the Sun, Virgo and Gemini are associated with the mercury, Libra and Taurus are associated with the Venus. Sagittarius and Pisces are associated with the Jupiter, Capricorn & Aquarius are associated with the planet Saturn.

Our whole life revolves around these planets. If your life is good in every aspect then it is a sign of favorable planets in your birth chart whereas if you are facing problems in your life it means some planets are not giving its positive effect or have negative effect in your life due to their position. Your Current life totally depends on Karmas of your last life, so you should do good deeds in your life and be honest no matters what the situation is.

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