Facts about Mercury Planet - Effects and Remedies

Facts about Mercury Planet - Effects and Remedies

Mercury (Budh) is the smallest planet in the orbit. In astrology, the empty things in the galaxy, sky and all empty things in this universe are said to be associated with Mercury. Gurudev GD Vashist Ji tells that if Mercury is favorable in the birth chart of an individual his life will be good and if all other planets are favorable but there is Unfavorable Mercury in your birth chart than you and your family will have to face many problems in their life.

An individual born with favorable Mercury in the birth chart is said to become a very successful businessman whereas if a person born with unfavorable Mercury in the birth chart has very fewer opportunities to get success in the business. These people also face problems in the job.

World’s renowned Astro- Scientist tells that birds, girls, crimes and all kind of businesses are associated with Mercury.


Common Symptoms Of Unfavorable Mercury.

  1. If your daughter, sister and paternal aunt are not happy in their life.
  2. Regular failures in business.
  3. At the time of the birth, you suffered from jaundice for a very long period of time.
  4. If your childhood was spent in cough and cold.
  5. The problem in the nervous system.


Things you should not keep in your house if your Mercury is unfavorable.

  1. Birds and specially Parrot.
  2. Rubber plant, Money plant, Tulsi and all plants which have broad leaves.
  3. Wood that got wet in the rain.
  4. Rusted iron.
  5. Tabla, Sitar, Guitar, Violin etc.


Common Diseases due to unfavorable Mercury.

  1. Two color shade in skin. (Dual color skin)
  2. The problem in Nervous System.
  3. Depression.
  4. Impotency


Suitable Remedies for the victims of unfavorable Mercury.

If a person is suffering from above-mentioned problems he/she should consult an experienced astrologer and take the astrological advice and also get Budh Mantra Upchar for Unfavourable Mercury. Meanwhile, he should wear Emerald gemstone (Panna in Hindi).