Activities Such as Charity & Donation should be Performed as per Astrology for better outcome

Activities Such as Charity & Donation should be Performed as per Astrology for better outcome

We often listen about the importance of donations from our parents or elders. The importance of these donations is mentioned in Vedic books. It’s also very often said in a country like India “कर भला तो हो भला”. Even in astrology especially in Red Book astrology (Laal Kitab in Hindi) Gurudev GD Vashist Ji one of its kind Astro-Scientist tells that you can get all those things which you desired in your life but never thought that you can actually achieve that and get rid from the problems you are facing in your life by simple remedies in the form of small donations.

It has been observed that remedies written in Red Book are mostly about helping people through donations or purifying the nature. Donations can be in the form of Food, Grains, Clothes, or Langar prashad, etc. Gurudev GD Vashist ji tells that people should know what to donate and what not to donate before offering or receiving anything .

The importance of donating things is written everywhere but here is a catch can everyone donate anything? A big question to discuss. Gurudev GD Vashist Ji tells that a person should donate or receive good according to their planetary positioning and movement. At some time donating one thing can help you in your life on another hand after some time donating the same thing can create problems in your life due to change in planetary positioning due to its continuous movement.

Gurudev adds to this that people should donate things associated with the favorable planets mentioned in their Kundli whereas donation of things associated with unfavorable planets can harm you.

One such kind of example is people donate oil on Saturday or offer Prasad to lord Hanuman on Tuesday. These donations can take some people on heights whereas others may face problems as they are donating things associated with the planet Saturn and Mars which are unfavorable in his/her birth chart.