Maa Sarveshwari

About Maa Sarveshwari

Adi Para Shakti or Energy is Supreme Ruler (Ultimate Truth) of all the Universes.

We have not seen the God but for sure we have seen “Shakti”. We have not seen Allah but we have felt the presence of “Kudrat”. We have not seen Para Brahman but his “Prakriti” is visible to all of us. Even an atheist cannot ignore the presence of Energy.

AdiShakti/Sarveshwari/Energy is the concept of worshiping the “Supreme Intelligence” as divine GOD. Shaktism is one of the three main denominations of Hinduism. Hinduism is an encapsulation of many concepts, ways that explain the same phenomenon by many ways. The concept of Adi Shakti is though common in all denominations i.e. energy of Formless God. This concept is common in all the principles and religions. Energy is a metaphor that creates, generates and destroys complete matter in the universe. Energy in Hindu Mythology is revered as “Adi Parashakti” and she is known by many names i.e. Sarveshwari, Adi Shakti, ParaAmba, Satya, Ananta etc. She is the one who has created Panch Parmeshwara i.e. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Sadashiva and Maheshwara. She created universal laws by converting herself to supreme intelligence a.k.a. Prakriti or Nature.

Supreme Intelligence is dimensional i.e. (Sagun) form who divided here self to three main forms of energy to govern and strengthen the universe.

  • Heat Energy (Mahakali) for thermodynamics in universe
  • Light Energy (Mahalakshmi for corpuscles theory
  • Sound Energy (Mahasaraswati) for wave theory

The three forms of Energy or Adi Shakti has further divided themselves to three other forms.

  • From Heat Energy (Mahakali), there comes Shailputri (Wind Energy), Kaalratri (Electrical Energy) and Mahagauri (Chemical Energy)
  • From Light Energy (Mahalakshmi), there comes Kaushmanda (Solar Energy), Katyani (Magnetic Energy) and Sidhi daatri (Nuclear Energy)
  • From Sound Energy (Mahasaraswati), there comes Brahmacharini (Potential Energy), Chandraghanta (Kinetic Energy), Skandmata (Wind Energy).

This diversion is called “Nava Durga” and this Supreme Intelligence is known as Durga/Lalita Tripursundari. That is Why, when all the gods and trinity combined their powers/intelligence, it came up with Durga in manifested form i.e. Chandi (Material manifestation of Durga).