Gurudev GD Vashisht

About Gurudev GD Vashist

Gurudev GD Vashist Ji is one of a kind Astro-Scientist and a Lal Kitab specialist who wears many hats as an astrologer, scientist, researcher & innovator, and he wears these hats in a style. He is an Astro-Scientist, who works in professional style with high accuracy in his predictions. Gurudev is well known for his work towards the welfare of the mankind.

Gurdev GD Vashist Ji holds the experience of more than Three Decades in the astrological domain. Gurudev GD Vashist Ji started his career in astrology at the age of 19 years when he overcame the problem of eyesight with the help of remedies from Lal Kitab. At that point, Gurudev chose his path towards astrology to research more and more in the astrological domain and work towards the welfare of the mankind. Knowledge of Five Gurus and his passion towards learning astrology served him as a God’s gift to the society. His accurate predictions and love of esteemed clients & followers increased the zeal in him to work more in this industry and he became Gurudev due to his astrological and spiritual knowledge. This kind of support and passion took Gurudev towards innovation of “Lal Kitab Amrit – Red Book Nectar” in the year 2007. Over the time to meet the requirements of mankind and more detailed prediction he made some amendments in his own creation and relaunched Lal Kitab Amrit with the name “YES I CAN CHANGE”. Anyone can get predictions on the basis of birth details such as Date, Time & Place of Birth. This file predicts on major dimensions of Health, Education, Profession, Family (Parents & Children) & Marital Life (Status/In-Laws). This life planner also contains remedies for the unfavorable effects expected in their life. Gurudev believes that performing these remedies really bring a big change in the lives of people. These remedies are very easy to perform and we have received positive feedback from our clients over the time. After setting a milestone in the field of astrology Gurudev stepped towards more research in spirituality. Gurudev got a big lead in this and got a book of powerful mantras which got extinct thousands of years ago but these mantras were written in Tamilian Sanskrit. Gurudev worked hard on it and researched on these mantras for years with the help of people who have deep knowledge of Tamilan Sanskrit. Gurudev linked these mantras with Nav Grah (Planet). It is believed that by listening to these mantras and using energized POTLI provided by G.D. Vashist Jyotish Sansthan helps people healing problems they face in their life.